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"Impact businesses work with 3 dimensions: profit, risk and impact. They contribute to the achievement of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals using innovative business models. It is very crucial to support those who change our world for the better."

Sveta Banerjee

Impact Leader Certification

Become a certified Impact Leader and demonstrate contribution to the SDGs to your stakeholders

Our certificate confirms that you not only care about increasing profits, but declare your social and environmental responsibility. Expressing these values is rapidly becoming a core commercial requirement in many key B2B and B2C segments.
Prove your company’s credibility in terms of social and environmental Impact. Differentiate yourself from competitors and increase customer’s trust. Use the Impact Leader logo for branding your office, products, marketing materials, website and social media.

Global Impact Investment TV Show

Attract investments with the help of the TV show watched in 122 countries with a 200M-strong viewer footprint
Our weekly show is dedicated to demonstrating the growing traction of sustainable investments and how Impactful businesses are helping implement the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals worldwide to preserve the world for future generation.

Take a part in our show and your brand will be associated with renowned and successful people inspiring sustainability globally.

Impact Investing School

Learn how to enter the market and grow your business by embracing the wealth of opportunities created by the SDGs
Impact Investing School (IIS) combines information, market intelligence, skill sets, tools and network to empower businesses to succeed in this high-growth sector.
At our school you will receive knowledge, network, specialised training and coaching programs, as well as mentors support. You will learn how to incorporate SDGs, position your business and get impact investors to scale your impact.

Camomile Impact Community

Join Camomile - the largest Impact Investing Community
Camomile – platform to unite impact startups and businesses, impact investors and experts focused on achieving Sustainable Development Goals - 2030.

The platform allows you to sell your products and services, create posts, find team members, search for investors, create and promote your projects, organise events, participate in professional discussions, and get community support.
"...this is one of the best Impact Investing Community Platforms out there. It's going to unite the whole ecosystem to create global social and environmental impact to save our planet and make a huge impact on the world...

...I am looking forward to seeing you at camomile!"
Kevin Harrington about Camomile

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