Membership Fees Regulations

Approved by General Assembly Resolution

1. Members of the Association are obliged to pay an Admission Fee and Annual Membership Fee. 

2. The Admission Fee of CHF17 is paid when applying for membership in the Association. Without this payment the application is not considered. In case of rejection of the application by the Board of the Association, the admission fee will not be refunded. 

3. The Annual Membership Fee in the amount of CHF47 is paid after the positive consideration of the application and receipt of the notification of membership. The Board of the Association can establish grace periods and installment plans for the payment of the annual membership fee. After the payment of the first annual membership fee, Platform Points are credited on the personal account of a member of the Association on the investment platform CAMOMILE. 

4. The User Fee is paid to replenish the personal account and can be used to receive the services of the CAMOMILE investment platform, i.e. publishing competences, project promotion. 

5. Exchange rate: 1 Platform Point is equivalent to CHF 1. User fees can be paid by platform points. 

6. The resolution on the change in the cost of membership fees is reserved for the General Assembly.