Membership Regulations

Approved by General Assembly Resolution

1. Passive Membership 

1.1 Any natural or legal person, both resident and non-resident of Switzerland, can become a member of the Association. 

1.2 A legal entity can become a member of the Association only through an authorized individual. Each additional representative of the organization must become a new member of the Association. 

1.3 Passive membership gives the following rights: free access to one Association event once a year, free introductory online course, access to corporate news, using the CAMOMILE investment platform to communicate with other members of the Association, placement of personal profile or organization profile on CAMOMILE, creation of own projects and participation in existing ones. 

1.4 Passive membership gives the following obligations: the payment of membership fees in accordance with the Regulations on the Membership Fees of the Association, compliance with the Statutes and Resolutions adopted by the General Assembly of the Association. 

1.5 Passive membership does not give the right to vote at the General Assembly of the Association but provides an opportunity to attend and make proposals for discussions. 

1.6 The decision on the admission of a new member to the Association is taken by the Board of the Association after receiving an application and admission fee payment. The Board may reject the application without disclosure of reasons. 

1.7 When using the CAMOMILE investment platform, the application and payment of membership fees are made from the personal account using the application interface. 

2. Active Membership 

2.1 Active members of the Association are the founding members of the Association, and only they have the right to vote in the adoption of General Assembly resolutions. 

2.2 Active membership is further reserved for individuals who have made a significant contribution to the development of the Association. 

2.3 It is possible to become an active member of the Association based on Status of Galileo IIIC Art.6. and being voted in by majority of existing acting members.

3. Honorary Membership 

3.1 Honored members of the Association is reserved for especially engaged members of the Association, based on Status of Galileo IIIC Art.6. 

3.2 Honorary members are exempted from paying membership fees and have the right to unlimited participation in all events and initiatives of the Association. 

3.3 Honorary members do not have the right to vote at the General Assembly, however, the General Assembly should treat their opinion with special respect and, if possible, take it into account in Resolutions.