is an association based in Zurich, which promotes the theme of Impact Investments internationally.
Impact investments refer to investments which achieve significant positive, measurable social and environmental impacts beside financial returns.

Impact investing - the new normal. We believe that impact investing should become a major catalyst for social and environmental reforms. More people becoming aware of and having access to impact investing will improve the quality of everyone's lives and the health of the planet.

Our mission is to promote impact investing internationally and to provide accessible education in impact investing. Galileo IIIC aims to transform impact investing into efficient, reliable, transparent and professional practice.

Our mission is to create global community of people with the unifying idea of making the world a better place. We are building a bridge between social enterprises, financial institutions and individuals who want to invest in such companies. As a result, we enable an additional flow of capital into companies that create positive social and environmental impact and increasing number of such projects globally.

The Creative Team

Svetlana Baurens

Co-Founder, CEO Switzerland

President of Galileo International Impact Investing Centre & Board Member of SIIA (Swiss Impact Investing Association). She is an expert in impact investing and is actively raising awareness about this topic in the Swiss financial industry.

Speaker at various conferences, gives Impact investing masterclasses in Zurich for financial institutions, universities and public.

Svetlana has working experience at various banks, such as J. Safra Sarasin, Societe Generale, Family Office and Asset Management companies in Zurich. She is also co-founder of Euforia, international, youth-driven social innovation enterprise with in-depth experience as Project Manager, Finance Coach and Facilitator.
Svetlana has a Master’s degree in Banking & Finance from University of Zurich (UZH) and completed the Impact Investing Executive Education at Oxford University.

Sergei Ponomarev

Co-Founder, CEO Russia

Business trainer, candidate of political sciences, expert in social entrepreneurship.

Sergei is engaged in educational programs in the sphere of social entrepreneurship in regions of Russia and abroad. Directly advises social entrepreneurs concerning business and social impact.

Sergei has 17-years experience in the NGO sector. Helped to implement about 100 social projects (from local to international). Held more than 500 training seminars. Completed various trainings in 11 countries of the world.

Author of the books "Russian and American best practices of social entrepreneurship support", "Social entrepreneurship in Great Britain". 

Andrey Bazarnov

CO-FOUNDER, IT-Specialist

Andrey has an many years of experience as impact investor and entrepreneur. 

He has IT background and is a great specialist in software, online business and digital Marketing.

Founded more than 30 business in Russia.

Gabriela Sanchez

Chief Operating Officer

Gabriela is a multilingual business manager with15 years of general/ finance management experience in diverse industries in Europe, Latin America and the U.S.

Her multicultural background, cross–training and entrepreneurship understanding are based on experiences such as general management in the Peruvian industrial market, finance management in a Swiss based leading international sports media & broadcasting corporation, business development & operations management in start-ups and non-profit ventures, etc.

Her German master’s degree is in Business Management and she has worked in teams from diverse backgrounds and with different skills in areas such as Corporate Finance, General Management, Marketing Research, Sales.

Our services

What we do


We created Global Impact Investing Platform "Camomile" - quick and safe innovative solution, which matches impact investors with impact startups, businesses, funds and service providers.


We provide educational courses, seminars, tailor-made programs, webinars and provide a library about impact investing.

Impact Events

We are Speakers and raising awareness about impact investing existence through organizing various workshops, seminars, performing at conferences and other events with a goal to make it mainstream.
Invite us to your conference or event!


We produce Galileo Impact Stories - weekly YouTube channel about impact investing, social entrepreneurship and related topics.


We provide consulting services to institutions and social entrepreneurs.
We are ready to share our knowledge and experience with you.


We have extensive international network of experts and practitioners and discuss the most recent trends and developments in impact investing.

online course

We are very happy and delighted to invite You to our FIRST IMPACT INVESTING ONLINE COURSE at Udemy !

to course

Manifest of Galileo

Galileo is associated with a PARADIGM SHIFT in our

- Financial System
- Way of Doing Business
- Investing Decisions
- Human Consciousness

Galileo stands for the search for truth, life, nature and
discovering new ways of co-existence of humanity itself and together with our planet

We challenge the existing financial and economic systems which are currently serving itself and its players,
to transform into eco-financial-system which would serve all people and the environment

Galileo stands for expanding the knowledge of humankind,
protection of research freedom and expression

old way of thinking

old paradigm

Business is for profit only.

Charity, Philanthropy, Government and other non-profitable organizations are there for making good for people and planet.

Investments are done for receiving financial return taking into consideration the risk dimension, no impact (negative or positive) is measured.

Impact Investments are currently reserved to wealthy people, so-called UHNWI / HNWI (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals)

emerging consciousness

New paradigm

Business is done in sustainable way only, meaning helping solving environmental & social problems alongside achieving financial return.

"Money - force for good"

Private and institutional capital, individuals and corporations are actively involved for making good for people and planet.

We see Impact Investments as an important instrument for a paradigm shift. In the future all existing investments will apply the concept of Impact Investments - investing for solving social problems of the humanity and our planet. Impact Investments are available to anyone, it is truly MAINSTREAM

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)

Galileo Galilei was an Italian Physicist, mathematician and astronomer. He made a number of observations that finally helped convince people that the Sun-centered solar system model (the heliocentric model), as proposed by Copernicus, was correct. Galileo has been called the "father of observational astronomy", the "father of modern physics" and the "father of modern science".

The telescope

Galileo Galilei was the first astronomer to use a telescope to study the heavens. 
In 1609 Galileo became the first person to look at the Moon through a telescope and make his first astronomy discovery - the Moon was not smooth, but mountainous and pitted - just like the Earth! He also discovered four of the moons circling Jupiter, studied Saturn, observed phases of Venus, and sunspots on the Sun.

Sun-centered solar system model

Galileo's observations validated the revolutionary theory of Nicolaus Copernicus that Earth orbits the Sun, and not the other way round (Heliocentrism).
Heliocentrism contravened with geocentrism, which interprets the as Earth being the center of the universe. Coined by the Greek philosopher Aristotle, the geocentric model was received by all, including the Catholic Church. However, starting from the late 16th century, heliocentrism began to overrule geocentrism.

Paradigm shift

Galileo's heliocentric theory had sparked conflict and dispute among the masses. As his theory contradicted biblical texts, it challenged the Roman Catholic Church. With Aristotle’s geocentrism possibly being inaccurate, the views embraced by the people were confronted as more evidence surfaced. The Earth was no longer known as the center of the universe. For that reason, not only was the world of science affected, but it also gave rise to new ways of thinking.



We help social businesses to solve social and environmental problems. We care about our planet & people. We seek to create transformational, sustainable and scalable economic acceleration resulting in positive and high-impact outcomes. We believe, it is possible to make a change, and we act to achieve Sustainable Development Goals - 2030.


Our approach is to include diverse individuals and organizations to impact investment community around the world, give them proper technical and methodological tools and together find best solutions for most actual social and environmental problems. We believe that we will be strongest when we support one another as individuals and value each other’s contributions.


Our pursuit of excellence is driven by high professional standards in delivering quality products and services. In the interest of our members we aim to be fast, safe and reliable. We are highly capable financial and technology professionals with an unparalleled global network. We are thoughtful, collaborative entrepreneurs who use our resources with purpose and imagination.


We seek to pioneer the effective deployment of technology to maximize the impact & benefits to our members, partners and stakeholders. New ideas, new possibilities and new ways of working strengthen our global outlook and boundless creativity. We promote different value-added services that will make life easier.


With our passion, own example, examples of many others creating positive changes in this world we strive to inspire people to take an action and create a network of trust. We have to be idealistic at heart and pragmatic in approach.

Our rules

We absolutely encourage a variety of opinions, but there is a difference between sharing opinions and attacking someone for not believing the same as you. Projects that are offensive in language or content will be deleted. Don't do unto others as you would not want done to you.


We do not support any illegal activity. If we see any suspicious activity we will address it privately. If it makes the community of the Association unsafe or uncomfortable we will delete the member which caused it.


Building a community is about building relationships. We welcome new members. If you are a new member, make sure to introduce yourself – our community is waiting for you. We expect your participation in projects, meetings and discussions. Participation means: creating something together, sharing knowledge, contributing to a common goal. We deeply believe in mutual motivation and inspiration.


We believe in continuous improvement. Active listening and constructive feedback are essential to deliver the greatest impact. Learn and implement, make changes in your plans and projects, try new approaches, never stop improving. Be agile, responsive and adaptive to dynamic market.


We recognize that strength of our Association is to built on a fulfilling and balanced working environment for all. Share your ideas, knowledge, and resources. Engaging in positive sharing helps improve your own projects. When we share with others, we create a relationship of trust, which flows back and helps us be more productive and strong to achieve the common 17 SDGs-2030.

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