5 impact text of May 2020

Adva Saldinger. Impact investing and COVID-19: A moment for growth or a flight from risk?

The impact investing community is grappling with how the coronavirus crisis will affect growth and how entrepreneurs searching for capital in low-income countries will fare. The past few weeks have seen the launch of a number of new coalitions and efforts to better collaborate. Some see an opportunity for financial industry transformation and impact mainstreaming; while others worry that money may flee for what some investors perceive as safer investments.

Jasper van Brakel. This Pandemic Can Lead Us to Build an Economy That Works for All

This is not about volunteerism or individual corporate responses to communities in crisis. Those things are wonderful and we need them—but the limits of the unilateral approach are well demonstrated. The times call for a much deeper, systemic approach. When this pandemic abates, we will still face the crises we began this year with: climate change, gaping inequality, homelessness, lack of affordable education and healthcare, and limited access to capital come immediately to mind.

United Nations Global Compact Launches the Ocean Stewardship 2030 Report

The United Nations Global Compact launched the Ocean Stewardship 2030 report — a roadmap for how ocean-related industries and policymakers jointly can secure a healthy and productive ocean by 2030. According to the report, transparency, cooperation and good standards will enable more sustainable food production, transport and energy production while dramatically improving ocean health. The Ocean Stewardship 2030 report describes five areas critical for success, suggests two ambitions per area and puts forward several recommendations addressing critical dimensions of public and private governance to accelerate ocean-related solutions.

New book: William Ginn “Valuing Nature: A Handbook for Impact Investing”

Impact investing is rapidly becoming an essential tool, alongside philanthropy and government funding, in tackling these major problems. Valuing Nature presents a new set of nature-based investment areas to help conservationists and investors work together. NatureVest founder William Ginn outlines the emerging private sector investing opportunities in natural assets such as green infrastructure, forests, soils, and fisheries.

New book: Lisa Zelenak. “Start Your Thing: The Step-By-Step Guide to Turn Your Impact Into Income”

This impact-focused, and easy to follow book will guide you step by step with everything you need to turn something that you love into a meaningful offer you can sell, even if you’ve never started a business before. Start Your Thing will move you from just an idea, to creating the life you’ve been dreaming about for years. Lisa Zelenak gives you an approach to create massive impact and make money while doing it.

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