5 impact events of August 2020

Behavioral Insights for Social Startups. 12 August

Behavioral science — the blend of insights from psychology, economics, and neuroscience. Behavioral insights are becoming increasingly important in the world of social entrepreneurship. In fact, impact investors often choose to invest in start-ups based on reasons other than the conventional criteria of risk and return. These reasons can be based on cognitive biases, perceived “coolness” of the investment opportunity, the entrepreneurs’ societal impact or even moral considerations. Having a basic understanding of behavioral science and biases is crucial knowledge in today’s impact investing market. 

Brand Impact for Social Impact. 14 August

Join Ian Henderson who runs his own branding agency who will be sharing how successful brands deliver their message. Whether you’re launching a social enterprise, or you need to refocus or refresh your identity in the post-Covid-19 world; Ian will share his expertise with you so you will learn valuable tips and gain a fresh perspective of your brand from this workshop.

Economic Impact Workshop - Planning Impact Measurement. 19 August

The Economic Impact team is holding an online learning session on Planning Impact Measurement. This session will help you to understand impact, outputs and outcomes, learn how to articulate your plan for change and begin the path to measuring your organisation's impact effectively.

Change Management: Leading in the Midst of Change. 20 August

How can change management transform companies’ impact for the better? What change management principles are useful to individual transformation? 2020 has reinforced that change is inevitable, rapid, and unpredictable, and that adaptable organizations are more likely to survive and thrive. Change management is a vital tool for organizations and individuals to apply to their work and lifestyles. It is also an incredible pathway for teams to identify and create their greatest social impact.

Pitching for Investment: Calling all Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs. 27 August

Creating and delivering a winning pitch for investment is no easy task and can be incredibly daunting. Whether you’re a start-up entrepreneur seeking funding, or a corporate intrapreneur who needs to achieve stakeholder buy-in, you must convince your audience of your perspective.

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