5 impact events of July 2020


The Good Capital Conference is the Global Sustainable Enterprise Investment Show. Now in its 3rd Year, the Conference showcases a huge range of companies and sustainable technologies that are working to resolve some of the world’s most pressing challenges. The Good Capital Conference connects truly Sustainable, Social and Impact-Driven enterprises with their investment counterparts to help find the necessary capital to help their businesses grow.

United Philanthropy Forum’s Virtual Conference. 13-24 JULY

United Philanthropy Forum’s Virtual Conference is unlike any other event in the philanthropy sector. It is the only event that brings together people from all of the country’s philanthropy associations and networks—philanthropy-serving organizations (PSOs) that play a key role in advancing, informing and supporting the field. It’s the only conference where we can delve into our unique role as CEOs and staff of regional and national PSOs, connect with others in similar roles, and explore how we can work together to increase philanthropy’s impact.

IGNITE: Toniic in Action Virtual Gathering. 14 JULY

We'll spend 3 hours together connecting, inspiring, learning, and further defining our ongoing journey as impact investors. We know you're spending a lot of time online so rest assured we're working to make this a uniquely engaging and highly interactive Toniic experience. Bring a specific challenge, an opportunity you're working on, a roadblock, a question, an inquiry - or just bring yourself.

Scaling Impact Investing in a Time of Crises. 16 JULY

Join Impact Entrepreneur’s Laurie Lane-Zucker in a virtual fireside chat with Fran Seegull, Executive Director of the U.S. Impact Investing Alliance and Project Director of the Tipping Point Fund on Impact Investing, as she discusses the critical importance of scaling the field and practice of impact investing to help build an equitable and inclusive future. Laurie and Fran will discuss the Alliance’s theory of change, with a particular focus on public policy advocacy as a cornerstone of the impact investing field’s infrastructure.

Blazing New Frontiers in Corporate Impact Investing. 23 JULY

In this session, corporate venture capital experts will discuss novel ways companies are investing in innovation with the intention to deliver double and triple bottom line returns. Equipped with tools like blended capital, strategic business integration, and new market entry, these impact investors are demonstrating the next frontier in corporate venturing — and philanthropy.

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