5 impact readings of July 2020

A study on the sustainability reporting practices of S&P 500 Index companies

G&A Institute announces the results of its annual S&P 500 sustainability reporting analysis. 90% of the S&P 500 published corporate sustainability reports, an all-time high! For almost a decade, Governance & Accountability Institute (G&A) has been closely tracking the trends in sustainability reporting and disclosure activities of the publicly-traded companies included in the S&P 500® index. These reports are also sometimes titled as responsibility, citizenship, or ESG reports.

Ronald Cohen. Impact: Reshaping capitalism to drive real change

"Sir Ronnie provides direction in a book that should be the core operating manual for those in the business community seeking to do good while also doing well." —Bono, Lead Singer of U2 and co-Founder of The Rise Fund 

"We face an uncertain economic landscape. One that we can only navigate if all of us—including governments, businesses, civil society and people—truly work together. In Impact, Sir Ronald Cohen reaffirms the conviction that we hold our destinies in our own hands, and offers a fascinating blueprint for a hope-filled future underpinned by the social power of impact investing." —Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, Former CEO, World Bank Group

John Jabara. Mastering Social Impact For Entrepreneurs: Transform Your Lean Startup With Social Impact (Mastering Entrepreneurship)

There is a revolution going on with for-profit businesses that aim to do good. This is because most entrepreneurs now want to make a positive social impact, in addition to building a profitable business. "Mastering Social Impact for Entrepreneurs" outlines a tried and tested approach to help entrepreneurs achieve social impact faster.

Mario La Torre, Helen Chiappini. Contemporary Issues in Sustainable Finance: Creating an Efficient Market through Innovative Policies and Instruments (Palgrave Studies in Impact Finance)

Sustainable investments, although not yet working under a comprehensive regulatory framework, represent a growing, worldwide phenomenon. Such growth reflects the renewed public and private interest in environmental issues such as climate change, poverty and financial inclusion, as well as growing support from conscious investors looking to finance environmental and social initiatives. However, despite the interest that sustainable investments are gaining among governors, investors and practitioners, important challenges remain that must be addressed.

David M. Cote. Winning Now, Winning Later: How Companies Can Succeed in the Short Term While Investing for the Long Term

Business leaders often take actions that prop up earnings in the short term, but compromise their companies’ long-term health. David Cote, the much-respected former leader of Honeywell International and one of the most successful CEOs of his generation, shares a simple, paradigm-shifting method of achieving both short- and long-term goals. Presenting a comprehensive solution to a perennial problem, Winning Now, Winning Later is a go-to guide for leaders everywhere who seek to finally transcend short-termism’s daily grind and leave an enduring legacy of success.

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