5 impact readings of June 2020

2020 Annual Impact Investor Survey (GIIN)

The 2020 Annual Impact Investor Survey is the 10th edition of the GIIN’s flagship report, which provides the most comprehensive overview of the impact investing market. This edition captures data from 294 of the world’s leading impact investors—the most Annual Survey respondents ever—who collectively manage USD 404 billion of impact investing assets, representing an important subset of the USD 715 billion global impact investing market.

Meghan McCormick. How One Social Entrepreneur Learned That Passion + Resources = Sustainable Change

GoTherapy is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to enhance the lives of individuals living with chronic health conditions, such as stroke, by improving their access to quality occupational, physical, and speech therapy services. The young NGO (non-governmental organization) has done important work since it was founded in 2016.

Robert U. Ayres. On Capitalism and Inequality: Progress and Poverty Revisited (Popular Science)

Capitalism is under attack. Defenders say that capitalism has raised billions of people from poverty. But a central activity of capitalism today, Wall Street style, is speculation (gambling), using other people’s money, and privatizing the profits while socializing the debts. Skeptics argue that capitalism has redistributed the wealth of the planet in favor of a very few, meanwhile leaving the planet in bad shape and leaving billions of people out in the cold. Wealth is now extremely mal-distributed, opportunity is far from equal, and upward social mobility has declined significantly in recent decades. This book reviews the evidence and arguments pro and con in considerable detail.

Archana Singh, Edakkandi Meethal Reji. Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development (Towards Sustainable Futures)

This volume discusses the seminal interface between social entrepreneurship and sustainable development along with their inter-linkages. It traces the role of social entrepreneurship and innovations in societal transformation in creating sustainable societies, especially in developing nations. It explores how social entrepreneurship and enterprise is integral to the promise of fostering opportunities for socially disadvantaged groups (including the poor, women, and young people), as well as in addressing environmental and ecological issues apart from wealth creation.

Rick Steiner. Oasis Earth: Planet in Peril: Our Last Best Chance to Save Our World

Oasis Earth confirms that we are destroying the biosphere of our Home Planet. We know the causes, consequences, and solutions to this existential crisis, yet we’ve failed to correct it. We are out of time: this decade is our last best chance to save a habitable Earth. Rich with insights from those who have viewed our planet from space and evocative images from the U.N. Environment Program’s international photographic competitions, NASA, Greenpeace and others, Oasis Earth weaves a journey through the extraordinary diversity of life on Earth, the interrelated causes of global ecological collapse, and the path to a livable future.

Galileo IIIC

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